Source Sheets

30 day book for Feb 2024 projectDownload
30 Day Study Book May 2023 ProjectDownload
Clean Speech Magazine 2024Download
Disclosure & ShidduchimDownload
Key Stage One Clean Speech passport activity May 2023Download
Key Stage One Guided Activity - When to Speak Up May 2022Download
Key Stage Two Clean Speech Passport May 2023Download

Parent - Child Dilemma cards sources May 2022

Parent and Child Dilemma Learning cards
Power of Words: A Comparison between Defamation & Lashon Hara - Judge Zeidman KCDownload
Shiur for teens about constructive lashon haraDownload
Shiur: constructive lashon haraDownload
Shiurim on power of speech & lashon haraDownload
Source sheet - anger & hurtful wordsDownload
Teen Shavuot learning, by Bnei AkivaDownload
Text-based shiur May I speak Lashon Hara about myself?Download
Text-based shiur: words matterDownload
Text-shiur: Is it worse to say Lashon Hara in front of someone or behind their back?Download
Words of Study - Tikun Leil Shavuos Clean Speech study packDownload
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