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The Clean Speech Project
promoting constructive speech
5th Feb - 12th March 2024

In a world in which speech and communication are far too often a platform for divisiveness, the goal of The Clean Speech Project is to promote positive speech and the avoidance of negative speech, sharing Jewish wisdom to upgrade the way we communicate with each other.

A joint project of Seed & GIFT, The UK Clean Speech Project is taking place in February & March 2024, uniting communities and schools and impacting thousands of families to improve the way we communicate with others through schools syllabuses, community events, programmes and workshops.

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Wohl Legacy - Empowering Communities. Transforming Lives.
A joint project of
Seed & GIFT

Sponsored in loving memory of Yehudah Leib David Ben Eliezer Hakohen
"My dad was a dentist who not only encouraged his patients to keep their teeth clean, but who was always there to encourage us, his children to learn the patience to keep our speech clean! Dad, we are still learning and your loving essence endures forever through this important campaign."