Rumours ad being Careful with how you phrase things

07/02/22   Yakov is a religious teenager in a yeshiva high school. Yakov went abroad with a few friends for a week in the summer. When he returned, he was asked by his driving instructor how the holiday went...

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The secret listeners

07/02/22   A couple had recently had a baby, and invited the in-laws for a meal. It seems that the in-laws were quite rigid and had expectations of how a baby is to be fed, taken care of, etc. Clearly, this was...

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Saving the Jews through an impassioned speech

07/02/22    One Sunday morning in 1941 in Nazi-occupied Netherlands, a mysterious character rode up on his bicycle and entered the Calvinist Church. He ascended the podium and read aloud the story of the midwives...

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Waiting to ask for forgiveness

07/02/22   Rabbi Moshe Feinstein spotted that there was a young boy sitting in his seat in Shul and asked the child to move. Fearing he had offended the boy, he immediately enquired as to his name and where he lived...

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Anonymous Lashon Hara

07/02/22   90 years ago, a young man was travelling by train to Radin to see the holy Chofetz Chaim. The man noticed a short old man sitting there alone in the carriage and decided to strike up conversation to keep...

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The Ants Will Eat Me

07/02/22   Never underestimate the trust a child develops for a parent or grandparent. There was a young girl who was petrified of ants. The parents pried – a fear of ants is not so common – and they...

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